Meet Ayo

Hi! I am Ayo Thomas (Pronounced I-Yo and it means Joy)!

I am an Empowerment Strategist (I guess I had to pick a word to describe me), Creative Visionary and Editor in Chief of WOE Women Own Excellence Magazine ( one of my dreams)! I love to empower business and career professionals to live a lifestyle of excellence by overcoming their fears to pursue dreams and utilize their creative gifts to prosper.

My ultimate goal is to communicate and champion a global message that “Excellence is not about Perfection” but becoming true to your authentic self. I strongly believe women should Live Excellence! Love Excellence! And Own Excellence!

A Little about me

Look, I love to see women win and I am no “Novice” when it comes to empowering women to become better!

More than 10 years ago I was given a vision to start a magazine and began to pull together the ideas and research to make it happen. I did not know how, when, or what I was going to do to make it happen but I knew that my purpose was to help women rewrite their story. In 2005, I began helping women to rewrite their story by creating WOE Fellowship, an empowerment group where women from all walks of life shared their journey, experiences, and triumphs in an intimate setting. I had no idea while helping them to rewrite their story, I would be rewriting my own.

Although I had this amazing vision before me, it could not come to life because I had to go through a personal refining process before reaching my purpose platform. I struggled with fear of failure and success, inadequacy because I didn’t finish college and hid behind a mask of undiscovered potential. I recall losing my home, my car, and my vision because I felt I wasn’t good enough. Often times we equate perfection with having material possessions but I had to learn that perfection was about embracing my authentic self and becoming a better me!

I did not realize that my personal “WOES” of enduring extreme loss, rejection and pain was being transformed into excellence. After going through my own process of transformation, I was now able to give birth to WOE Magazine in 2016. I defined a woman of excellence as “A woman who does not make excuses but courageously strive daily to excel in every area of her life; and desires to impact others from lessons learned.” Excellence is taking action to become self-empowered to change your circumstances. I took action and launched a successful brand with a major partnership, little social media following and no crowd funding! Ask me how did I do it? I decided not to make excuses and blame others for why I was not succeeding. I rolled up my sleeves, got laser focused and tapped into my inner gift of creativity. I told myself “NO” was not an option! I am on a mission to help women just like you to get unstuck, make a decision to succeed and execute!

How can i help you ?

As an Empowerment Strategist, I have mentored, coached and served as a spiritual advisor to women in the workplace, personally one on one and spiritually in-group settings. I utilize my 10 plus years of Human Capital experience to help women excel in their personal and professional careers.

I want to help you take action by providing you with tools; products and services, which will help you to:

  • Tell fear good-bye
  • Maximize your potential by using your gifts and talents to prosper
  • Overcome obstacles standing in your way to thrive and live the life of your dreams
  • Transition from a career to full-time entrepreneurship
  • Receive tips and secrets to becoming a successful entrepreneur or career professional
  • Create a culture of excellence to live out your God inspired dreams.

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Fun Facts About Ayo

  • 1. I have been married to my Purpose Partner Keinde Thomas (Publisher of WOE Magazine) for 10 years and counting.
  • 2. I love spoiling my Glam baby Riley and shopping with my daughter Monye.
  • 3. I am obsessed with the movie “Devil Wears Prada” watched it over 40 times. I love being an Editor in Chief but not like “Miranda Priestly”
  • 4. I am a SUPER Mary J Blige Fan!
  • 5. I went parasailing in Bahamas. Great experience but never again

Fun Facts 01
Fun Facts 01

  • 6. My favorite dessert to make is banana pudding.
  • 7. I love to wear Jeans! Whether dressed up or down, my favorite go-to attire.
  • 8. My favorite quote is by Eleanor Roosevelt “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”
  • 9. I am a Woman of Faith!
  • 10. I met actor Michael Ealy last year. Yes ladies I really did!
  • 11. My favorite magazine to read is of course “WOE Magazine”