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You’ve Changed..

You’ve changed!

Am I the only one who heard someone say “You’ve Changed” or “You are acting brand new”? Whoever spoke these words to you is really implying, “I like the old you”!

I personally dealt with this when I legally changed my name from Jamie to Ayo (Means Joy) several years ago. Family, friends and loved ones had a hard time getting used to the “New ME”! My name change was a divine encounter with God. A close friend asked me one day what did my name mean and I had no clue. After researching my name and discovering it came from the root of Jacob (meaning Supplanter) I prayed and asked God for a new name. My Father-In Love (In Nigeria) prayed about the name and finally came to “Ayomikun” (meaning: YOUR JOY IS FULL). God said because of all the pain you suffered, I am about to release the fullness of Joy into your life!

What a great story uh? Well many did not adjust to the change. Some family and friends continued to call me “Jamie” and refused to acknowledge my name change. What was the core issue? Was it really about me changing my name to Ayo or those around me adjusting to change?

When you make changes in your life to improve your quality of living (eating better, living better or just being happier) the impact is felt throughout those involved in your life. For example, if you change the way you speak or think, this will change the way you interact with people you’ve known for years. Why? Because they will have to change the way they interact with you.

After being around someone for years, they pretty much can predict your responses or actions. But once you make a decision to change, it shakes them up and they have a hard time adjusting. It is very unrealistic or anyone to expect you to stay the same.

Just because you stepped out of your comfort zone to make changes, it doesn’t mean those around you are ready to change. Often times they are not focused on the actual changes but the act of change.

You’ve changed really means, “You are becoming different and I do not know how to deal with it. I am not ready for change and I want the old you back”.  Do not compromise your decision to improve your life! Never allow anyone to control your changes. If they try to control your change, then you need to let them go! If they love you, then they will love your change and be supportive!

In life, changes happen and we must deal with it! Many of us have come to a point in life to accept that change is inevitable.  Embrace the new you and never apologize for changing into the beautiful butterfly God has created you to be!

2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJV

(17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.)




Business Integrity 101

Hello WOE (Women of Excellence)!

Thank you for visiting my blog! I decided to use my blog to write things that will empower, inspire and motivate you to live a “Lifestyle of Excellence”! I will post what I call “Lifestyle of Excellence” Moments. These moments will include business, career and ministry tips, also personal life experiences.

Today’s Lifestyle of Excellence Moment: Business Integrity
Over the past year while preparing to launch my business (WOE Magazine) I invested in coaching services, design services, and branding services to help me align my vision.
My heart is to support women owned minority businesses in effort to give back into my community. I must say I have encountered some wonderful women business owners who operate in the utmost integrity not focusing on just taking my money but truly poured into my vision. However I also encountered some who lacked integrity.
Today I want to provide a few tips if you are a business owner or a client. Hopefully my experience will help other emerging entrepreneurs.
1. Do not expect someone to pay you in FULL for services you failed to render. If you are unable to deliver per contract , then it is best to modify the terms of agreement. This will ensure the client is not being overcharged.
2. Be WHO you say you ARE! Simple.. If you advertise certain expertise, then you should deliver quality work in that specific area. The client hired you for a reason .. To be the “Expert”. If you are not, then revise your marketing material to reflect what you really can do. Do not false advertise!
3. Do not expect a review if you know you did not deliver!
4. Do not chase ” Money” in the spirit of so called “Hustle” and fail to operate in good customer service . Communication 101 is very KEY!
5. Entrepreneurs always and I mean always.. Do thorough research on a business before paying for a service. Call some of their former clients to see if the testimonials are true. Some people embellish testimonials on their site, so make sure you research.
6. Always pray about every decision! Yes pray! I’ve heard some business folks say, why do you need to pray or just make a decision forcing you into an agreement. Sleep on it first and then decide! Never be Anxious for ANYTHING!!!
I have been burned a few times by opportunist or just folks who lacked integrity. Instead of putting them or their business on blast, I chose to journal my experiences to make me a better business woman in the future.
Always deal with people who wronged you with class and dignity. Trust me, God will honor you by multiplying your seed!!


Always remember, “Excellence is not a one time experience, it’s a Lifestyle“!